Free Xbox Live Gold Membership Hack Tool

The Xbox Live Gold Membership Hack Tool is an online open source code generator created for the use of Xbox owners. The hack tool produces authentic serial codes, in so doing allowing its users to earn free Xbox live gold membership.

Top Features:

  1. 100% working. The generator provides legitimate and trusted Xbox codes. The beta testers and the previous users all attested that they were able to use the codes, free from any kind of online detection.
  2. 100% virus free. The generator, unlike its other online counterparts, is a web-based program. This means that it is guaranteed to be free from malicious software programs (malware and ransomware) that are usually secretly attached to installable applications. As an online open source program, the generator is incapable of attaching viruses and exploiting security leaks from the user’s device.
  3. Free xbox gold codes. The users can experience the code generator’s quality service for FREE. The generator provides free 1 month gold membership, 3 months gold membership, 12 months gold membership, and 4000 Microsoft points.
  4. No compatibility issues. The generator is supported by all browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. It is also compatible with all versions of Android, Blackberry, and iOS browsers.
  5. No human verification test. CAPTCHA, surveys, mini-online quizzes, and other human verification methods are not used in this website.
  6. Fast, hassle-free, and reliable. The online program can generate codes in less than a minute and doesn’t open with fraudulent pop-up ads attached to it.


How to use the Xbox Live Gold Membership Hack Tool:

The Xbox account, Internet-dependent applications, and other websites shouldn’t be up and running when the hack tool is being used. This is to ensure that the program, as it is online-based, effortlessly generate free codes.


  1. Click the Xbox live gold generator icon above to open the program.
  2. Enter the Xbox account.
  3. Select the type platform that is currently being used in generating Xbox code. The choices are limited to PC and mobile devices.
  4. Select the correct country.
  5. Choose one of the available four vouchers.
  6. Tick the proxy box.
  7. Click the “Generate” button and wait for codes to pop up.

It’s not working? Read below:

Slow generation of codes is probably a result of:

  • An overlooked running background application. Note that the generator will only work smoothly if it is not competing with other online program.
  • Unchecked proxy. The proxy button protects all of the user’s online movements. Note that without it there is a chance (although minimal) of getting the Xbox account suspended or penalized from using an online code generator.
  • Unmatched country. Comparable to the other devices with product codes, Xbox Live provides different membership codes for every country. This is to ensure that the company is protected against the manipulation of software and serial numbers. Make sure that the correct country is indicated so that the generator doesn’t have to take too much time verifying if the generated code matches with what is available in your area.
  • Slow internet speed. Slow or interrupted Internet connection can cause the generator to lag. Using the generator with dial-ups is not advised.

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